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Megaphone’s Speakers Bureau is a public awareness program connecting audiences with speakers who have lived experience of drug use and overdose prevention.

Through customized, interactive workshops our team of speakers and facilitators can help your organization, team, or community:

  • improve their understanding of the experiences and needs of people who use drugs;
  • respond to addiction and overdose with skill and compassion; and
  • develop a strategy for continued learning.


What people are saying:

"Our community engaged in profound learning which increased our openness, empathy, and compassion and helped us to let go of some very damaging assumptions." Fiona, workshop participant


"In cities like Vancouver the social divide is only growing - making it easier to feel disconnected from one another. I came away, after speaking with Kris, feeling challenged to rethink my own humanity and to commit to taking on a more positive role in our shared story." Yusuf, professor


"To confront your own biases, to gently open your eyes to how other's perceive a community, this workshop provides an opportunity breakdown barriers first-hand that separate "us" and "them."" Chiara Ferrari, student


"This workshop opened my eyes to how we may not even realize the opinions, choices, outcomes we project on individuals we may cross paths with whose circumstances are unknown to us. I would recommend attending an upcoming Speakers Bureau to learn from our community how we can all work together and ensure we no longer have invisible individuals within it." - Jen, a Vancouver-ite, educating herself on her community

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  • Sekani Person
    commented 2021-03-10 12:48:04 -0800
    This work is meaningful and I learn so much everyday.
    What enriches me with enrich my community and you all. Thank you for booking us and let’s share and continue the reciprocity. Let start the work here together.
  • Nicolas Leech-Crier
    commented 2019-02-17 11:02:35 -0800
    Great work people! The only way out of the shadows is into the light.
  • Nicolas Leech-Crier
    followed this page 2019-02-17 11:01:40 -0800