Storytelling & Community Networking Liaison

Nicolas Crier - the name "Nicolas" is Greek. It means "victory of the people". Crier is English. A "crier" is the person who makes official announcements in a court of law. At Megaphone, Nicolas is truly a champion of the People, thus his title was recently changed to "Storytelling & Community Networking Liaison" and this is work begins with knowing people, knowing their stories, and knowing which story fits where and why it should be told by the person living it. " For myself," says Nicolas, a shy Cree from a typical indigenous adoptee story back in Calgary, Alberta, "the stories we share with others, in particular organizations with little to no experience addressing complex issues like stigma or discrimination, are a way to respond to very deeply ingrained attitudes of people who we can tell know it's not right to judge, but who also may never get the chance to sit down in a safe space to hear a first-hand account of the traumatizing and unfair life circumstances, which often are the root cause of drug-seeking behaviour. I consider it an honour and great responsibility for me to join Megaphone in raising awareness and amplifying important issues through the voices of community members and their wisdom of experience.

  • Drug use
  • Homelessness/Street Involvement
  • Adoption/ "The 60's scoop"
  • Incarceration/
  • Law & Policy reform
  • Peer work
  • Writing/Research/Cultural Production in a marginalized community, of Survivors.

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