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Megaphone’s Speakers Bureau is a public awareness program connecting audiences with speakers who have lived experience of drug use and overdose prevention.

Through customized, interactive workshops our team of speakers and facilitators can help your organization, team, or community:

  • improve their understanding of the experiences and needs of people who use drugs;
  • respond to addiction and overdose with skill and compassion; and
  • develop a strategy for continued learning.

Workshops are offered in groups of two or more, on a fee-for-service basis. Cost varies based on audience size, number of presentations, and location. Scholarships are available for community groups and non-profits who would not otherwise be able to afford the sessions.

To book a workshop or request a quote, please email us at with as much of the following information as is relevant: 

  • your name, phone number and role;
  • a brief description of the speaking engagement or workshop setting;
  • topics or key issues you would like to address;
  • date and time of your event if scheduled OR month/week if not yet scheduled;
  • location of event;
  • audience size;
  • number of presentations if more than one; and
  • any additional information you think is relevant.

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